UK based Podcasting services

Podcast production delivers a blend of services as required to ensure the best possible results.

Scripting: A well written script that effectively conveys the subject matter in a succinct form is essential. Our script writers have over 100 years cumulative experience in producing news stories to be consumed by businesses and consumers worldwide. We can write a professional script from scratch or edit your own output to ensure the best possible Podcast content.

Voice over: A wide selection of professional voice over artists are available to suit the subject matter and style of your Podcast. Regular voice over artists include:

  • Eithne Treanor, former anchor on Bloomberg and CNBC.
  • Juliette Foster, former presenter BBC World Service and Sky News.
  • Alison Winter, former BBC announcer and BBC World Service broadcaster.
  • Rob Curling, presenter for both Sky News and the BBC.

Promotion: The promotion of your Podcast is essential in order to attract the widest possible audience, this just as important if the Podcast is for internal company use as it is for broadcast to external stakeholders. We will ensure that your Podcast is promoted in all major Podcast directories, which will generate enhanced visibility not only for your Podcast but also for your company's website throughout the world.

Website integration: Customised Podcast download buttons can be incorporated into any website allowing users to subscribe to a Podcast through iTunes, Yahoo, Google or any number of specialist Podcast programs. Other options include an embedded Podcast player, and "tickertape" updates detailing the latest Podcasts.

Hosting: Podcast Production can host your Podcast on our high bandwidth servers, reducing IT administration and streamlining the Podcast production process for timely delivery to your subscribers.

Consultancy: No single Podcast is the same, every customer has different requirements. Podcast production will guide you through a highly professional production and promotion service, to maximise the effectiveness of your Podcast programme.