Podcast recording

Background noise
Background noise can distract the listener from the subject matter. Without the proper environment, a quiet recording is difficult to achieve for long periods of time. Our fully floating studio offers complete sound proofing, ensuring that your recording is completely free of background noise.

Production quality
It is common knowledge that people tend not to be as natural as they might usually be when recording into a microphone. We create the right environment for the best performance and relaxed atmosphere by offering a few helpful pointers to start off the session. This is often the most efficient way of achieving a good result.

Broadcasting methods
Specialist filters are used to eliminate any ambient "boxy" room sounds from untreated rooms. Radio compression is also added to the voice to inject that smooth quality unattainable in a less professional environment.

Only the best recording equipment is used to produce a professional sounding Podcast both on location and in our studio. An array of microphones, pre-amps, editing and mastering software to ensure the Podcast is clear, flowing and to the point. Most importantly we ensure quality audio even at low resolutions for the internet.

Knowing the demands of today's corporate executives we are able to record, edit and process outside broadcasts and interviews in the same manner. Quite often we simulate international interviews and debates for our clients from around the globe all at one table. We also have the ability to restore bad quality recordings by removing background noise and hiss to acceptable levels for broadcasting quality.

Audio branding
Finally, we are able to produce musical "stings" or "audio logos" to complete a professional sounding audio production and set the mood for the podcast. These are created in-studio and provide listener recognition to build a brand that stands out in the ever increasing crowd.