Podcast formats

Podcast is the generic name for an audio or video file that is highly compressed and optimised for delivery to an mp3 player or one of the new generation personal video players. Podcast Production produces several Podcast derived products to meet your specific requirements.

The term Podcast also describes a series of episodes delivered as individual files. This is where podcasts differ from an isolated audio file. By delivering regular and consistent quality podcast episodes podcasting can prove a very powerful and personal communication tool.

Podcast: audio file specially recorded, produced and formatted with descriptions for playback on mp3 players.
Use: A great general format used to convey any subject matter.

Video podcast: a video file in a highly compressed format for playback on an mp4 player, mobile device or computer with descriptive information and a podcast logo. Otherwise known as a "vodcast" or "vidcast".

Use: Excellent for mobile content and where streamed video content quality is not acceptable.

Mobcast: a generic term for podcasts which are optimised for delivery to mobile phones and portable handheld devices.
Use: Ideal for communicating with markets where fixed internet connections are sporadic, particularly in emerging markets such as China.

Streaming video: video content optimised for delivery via a web browser for desktop or laptop computer users.
Use: Ideal for re-using video podcast content and extending reach for produced video content to the business community.