Full service Podcast production

A good Podcast should be informative, dynamic and stimulating to listen to. Podcast Production's experienced PR and marketing team provide consultancy to help you get the most out of your Podcast, whether you aim to explain your products and services to potential customers or maintain good stakeholder relations.

What makes a good Podcast?
  • Quality, quality and quality
  • Engaging and exciting discussions
  • Messages are subtly incorporated within content
  • High quality audio recording and mastering
  • Professional voiceovers
  • Reliable, fast and accessible hosting
  • Successful promotion
A good Podcast must have good content. If the Podcast is too long, a direct product advertisement, vulgar and or obscene, the Podcast will not be accepted by any publishing site and more to the point your listeners.

Audiovisual Production
Once the format of your Podcast show is set, our audiovisual production team will guide you through the next steps to produce a Podcast or video Podcast that will do your brand justice and communicate clearly with your listener base.

Podcasts can be theoretically recorded and uploaded by just about anybody. However, in practice there is a minefield of complexity that must be negotiated if a Podcast is to be successful. Furthermore, your Podcast is a reflection on your brand and it needs to be professionally produced no matter whether the style is informal or more formal. You can find out more about the techniques employed by Podcast Production in our Podcast recording page.

Promote your Podcast
Podcasts are a great way to build up a base of active listeners, but to make your Podcast successful you will need to tell people about it. Our marcomms and e-marketing team will actively promote your Podcast to help you build your listener base - whether it is within your company walls or throughout the world.