Audio and video podcast production

Podcasting is a new and exciting corporate communication channel that can be used to differentiate your business in the marketplace. Now you can educate and inform clients, shareholders and employees using this engaging new medium. Listen to our business Podcast introduction.

A Podcast is personal, cost effective and portable because it can be delivered to any mp3 player or computer - and now mobile phones.

Podcast Production provides an all inclusive corporate podcast production service allowing businesses to immediately embrace the benefits of corporate Podcasting while maintaining brand value and equity. A typical Podcast comprises:

Brief arrow Script arrow Record arrow Code arrow Upload arrow Distribute arrow Promote

Our script writers and communication professionals will work to create the right Podcast content, while our professional voice over artists ensure that your message is clearly and articulately expressed within your Podcast.

Why Podcast?
Podcasts are rapidly becoming a widely accepted communication channel because they are very flexible and convenient. Users can listen to Podcast content on the move - on a train, plane, in a car or even whilst exercising! The portability achieved by delivering Podcasts to mp3 players and mobile phones is a communications revolution - and one which the world's broadcast and print media have been quick to adopt for information delivery. Now the business community can leverage this technology and obtain the same benefits by communicating through Podcasts, that can be expressive in a way that is simply not achievable using the written word.

What is a Podcast?
The term Podcast refers to a series of audio downloads delivered to subscribers over the internet using a special mechanism based upon RSS feeds. Popular mp3 organising software such as iTunes, Juice and Zencast organiser allow listeners to “subscribe" to a Podcast. Once a listener has subscribed, the program checks the feed to see if a new episode is available and automatically downloads any new episodes to their computer or mp3 player.